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http://api.giantbomb.com/releases/?api_key=MY KEY&field_list=name,release_date,image,api_detail_url&format=xml

This is the string I'm using to try to get new release information - the problem is it gives me 100 random releases in no particular order, even if it's been released decades ago. Is there a way to get it to show in chronological order? The date closest to the current date and then onward? is it possible to get the first 100 - then the next 100?

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They're actually ordered by their unique ID, but there doesn't seem to be any way to order them differently. Unless there's something I'm missing, you'll have to make your program sort all the releases for you.

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Retrieving information for 17000+ releases, storing it and then sorting it locally seems rather silly. Sorting/filtering should be built in to the API. Sadly it doesn't seem to work for me either, 6 months after the initial post. :(

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@gpbmike: Alas, nothing in the API has changed since then. The only difference is that the database now has even more crap in it that would make manual sorting a total nightmare.
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Having the same problem.  Trying to build an Android/WebOS app and trying to utilize the API but sorting doesn't seem to work at all.   Any updates on why or if this will be fixed?

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So it's been more then a year later... any word on this? Any staff member want to hint at what's up their sleeve for API Devs?

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I could try pestering the staff about it again. Or I could try going through with the thing that Mike told me would be silly to attempt. That sounds more fun. :D

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@LordAndrew:  I think we should try pestering the staff for more awesome API-ness 
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This might be an old thread, but it's only like six topics down so whatever. I've been fiddling with the API today to learn a bit more about REST, PHP, parsing XML etc. So I tried to make a /games/ request and then filter by series by adding 'franchises=X', which I guess I assumed would do something, but it doesn't appear to. And looking at the API documentation, the only real filtering you can do is by consoles. So you still can't do server-side filtering? I guess I don't know the technical specifics of it, like if them serving up an entire list of resources is easier than them having to filter server-side, but it was something I expected the API to do I guess.