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Hey all, 
Back again with more queries. Sadly, this one is close to breaking my heart. I'm about to become a father (that's the good part), and I can't afford it. I'm unemployed, and don't have the money to feed myself, let alone buy things for a child. So, I'm going to sell my games. I'm trying to list them on a website, and I figured the best way to do it is with help with the best gaming site I know. 
Basically what I want to do is list the games I have for sale, and show the box-art for the system (in most cases SNES, but also a lot of other systems). I figure the API could be used, whether it be to actually display a list created on the site, or one created and just an API call to get the box-art, but I'd need help. Is there any way to specifically state what system the image is to come from? 
The best example I have is Dungeon Master. The boxart shown is for the Atari version, but I want to show the SNES one. Is there a way I can show it instead? 

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You'd have to check the releases associated with the game. Probably you'd want to grab the first release chronologically that matches your platform and region.