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Hey I am sure this question has been asked 10000 times before and I am pretty sure the answer is no based on the fact I have not seen any information in the documentation on it. But I thought it would be cool to make a giant bomb android app that had all the information on your xbox and steam achievements and I was wondering if I could get this information using the api?

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Also would someone be interested in this cause I could make an app that displayed all that information without the API.

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User information is not aviliable via the API. All you can pull from is the RSS feeds, such as http://www.giantbomb.com/feeds/activity/Freek/

Also if I remember correctly they cannot re-release the Achievement information through an API due to the deal they have with Microsoft.

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Umm yea that url does not exist. But that is basically the plan, the only thing is I will defiantly have to store the info locally with like weekly updates cause it takes for ever to load all of the html pages with achievements on 3g.