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Hello everyone,

We have a bug on our PHP website, we can't find the game "pokémon red" because the "é" character seems to be not supported by the API ?

We try to url_encode it and it doesn't changes something.

Thanks in advance.

Our URL : http://api.giantbomb.com/search/?query=pok%C3%A9mon&field_list=name,id&resources=game,concept&api_key=API_KEY&format=xml&offset=0

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@Darkknife: This is unfortunately not possible. The search box on the site fails with accented characters too. We get around that by using unaccented aliases, but the API search does not make use of aliases.

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@LordAndrew said:

the API search does not make use of aliases.

That kind of seems like a significant oversight IMO. Hopefully they'll fix it after the redesign.

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I can find the pokemon games just fine. However, the Pokemon Mini games need the non-accented "e" in order to find.