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First of all, I just want to say that this is great:

first_appearance_charactersCharacters that first appeared in the game
first_appearance_conceptsConcepts that first appeared in the game
first_appearance_locationsLocations that first appeared in the game
first_appearance_objectsObjects that first appeared in the game
first_appearance_peoplePeople that
Great idea. I was thinking that I'd have to search each character, concept, etc. and compile that information myself. It's nice to see that it's built right into the API.

But the one that really caught my attention was this:
killed_charactersCharacters killed in the game
Is this something that's coming in the future? Seems like it would be similar to Comic Vine's Died field (issues the character died in).
Indeed it does seem similar to this issue-specific field in Comic Vine's API.
characters_died_inA list of characters that died in this issue.
Am I on to something here, or are you just screwing with us? :)
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There are a couple fields left over from the early days that didn't make it into the site. We have a field for it, but no data actually gets added there currently.

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I see. Thanks for the quick response. :)