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    I was planning on playing around with the API and wanted to know if there are any client libraries I can use or should I be writing my own?

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Oh word? Silent Library dawg?

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@MasturbatingBear said:
" Oh word? Silent Library dawg? "
Either I'm not getting the reference or... huh?
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Reference dawg? We're talking bout silent library.

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There's a rubygem called giant_bomb if you use that language. 
Other than that I don’t think there are any other GB-specific libraries floating around…

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@eswat: thanks, I'll have a look at that... I'm not really tied to any language at the minute, I just want to play around
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I've got plans to build a library for my own PHP scripts, which I will of course allow other people to use. And if you bug jlrm01 about it, maybe he can make something useful in Python. So you've got a few options; although if you need something right now it seems your only option is Ruby.

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I'm in the process of building a C# library for .NET applications for free. It's going to be hosted on CodePlex. Would there be interest in this?

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@papuccino1: I'd like to see it.
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Is there anyone currently working on a Java library?

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@pddemeter: If there's enough interest I could probably be convinced to release the C# classes that are used by my WP7 app. They're really just a bunch of model objects using C# XML serialization to read data from the GB API, but it's a useful starting point and gets you out of the business of parsing stuff.

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