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Hello all, I've posted this in the Comic Vine API section, but since the sites are so closely related, I figured I'd post this here since they seem to use the same backend/run by the same people/have the same licensing.

I've been trying to get ahold of someone to discuss the use of the Comic Vine API for an application I'm developing, but haven't had any luck/response on chatting with someone. The documentation says to talk to them and we can "figure something out" and contacted all of the emails/phone numbers at the bottom of the page on, and have even tried things like Twitter, but can't seem to get ahold of anyone.

Does anyone know who I can talk to about using the API for my app? Thanks!

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What are you looking for specifically? Technical details?

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Just for permission to use the API in the application. Since I'd like to put the app for sale it said to talk to them if I wanted to use it in a commercial application.

My app is a digital comic organizer/reader and it has the ability to get metadata from the API if the user wants, otherwise they can manually enter in the information.

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@frobie I've tried sending him a couple over the last month, but haven't gotten a response.

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@matthewlupo Ok, I'll shoot you a PM with the contact info of the person you can talk to.