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Hey guys, I was just wondering if the API was CORS friendly. I'm having a bit of trouble bringing in a JSON call with some javascript I'm working with and someone on another forum recommended that I ask about this!


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Hi, sorry to hijack this thread but I didn't want to make another one with a similar problem. I too am having issues getting JSON data with ajax.

I copied Chaser's code and linked it to a button but when I press the button, I only get "[object Object]" and then "done" rather than the actual JSON data.

When I try to run my own code, I either get 0kb back from the server with a blank error, or I get an error saying that the JSON has a syntax error and cannot be parsed. Both are 200 OK requests. The URL I gave to it is definitely works because I can access the data from my browser, just not my javascript program.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.