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Hey folks!

I'm working on a number of features, refinements and bug fixes for dpadd as I prepare to move into public beta some time in the next few months. At this point I could really use some help getting a few more eyeballs on the site. Historically the best, most constructive feedback I've received was from GB users so I'm reaching out again to get your thoughts and opinions. We're still in private beta but I'll be accepting everyone who signs up from the homepage for the next 48+ hours. If you sign up today you should receive an update within 30 mins.

If this is your first time hearing about dpadd you can check out the site HERE or watch a quick intro video below:

For those who like to read, here's a list of some of the main features of the site:

With dpadd you can:

-Record the games you're playing

-Keep a list of games you want to play

-Browse and Discover Games

-Rate and review games

-Add links to your gaming profiles (xbox live, PSN, Steam) to your dpadd profile

-Post your Twitch streams to your followers while you're playing

You can find the site here: http://dpadd.com

Any thoughts, comments, ideas or concerns would be appreciated. Feel free to post thoughts in the thread here or via any of the contact links at the bottom of the site.

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Does it have videos of a rambling guy in a dark room drinking out of a jar?

Then no thanks.

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So it's kind of like raptr but with some different features. Sounds good to me.