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I just started using the API but I think i hit a pretty big snag. I can't seem to get decent filtering on my requests... The example in the docs:

Actually doesn't work?? I'm actually trying to retrieve a list of games currently set to release on the current month, but neither filtering nor sorting work on those fields. The documentation is kind of conflicting about it, saying on the individual resources that only a set of filters are allowed, but at the top they mention that example about filtering characters on gender.
It's a real shame that these little roadbumps are in the otherwise awesome API. This might be a dealbreaker for me, and I imagine it's hurt the progress of a few other developers for what I can see in the forums. 
Any ideas if/when we might see these implemented??
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When the introductory text and the individual resource data conflicts, the resource data is correct.
And yes, that totally sucks.
@rthauby said:

" Any ideas if/when we might see these implemented?? "
We were told over a year ago that various cool improvements were coming. They never came. Not much has happened in the past year.
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a year?!!?! dang!

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damn... I keep running into broken features in the API. you're killing me, guys!

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They've been so busy adding new stuff to Giant Bomb and Comic Vine, overhauling the look of the sites, launching Anime Vice, Tested and the other site, and doing assorted other stuff that I suppose they don't have a lot of time to fix the API. :(

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@rthauby: I sent you a PM the other day asked for specifics you'd like to see. :)