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The main page of the app I'm creating shows a feed of recent games and it seems to be flooded with Japenese games so I'd like to be able to filter them by region.

My current url to retrieve games is : http://www.giantbomb.com/api/games/?api_key=1b271543ca5602586843e222266074539a8640d8&filter=original_release_date%3A2000-01-01%7C2014-04-17%2Cplatforms%3A117%7C138%7C139&format=json&limit=15&offset=15&sort=original_release_date%3Adesc

Now there's no release field for me to get the region directly so I was thinking of using the rating board under original_game_rating. Is this possible? Or does anyone have any other ideas on how to get it done?