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Im new to this API and I encountered two problems?

 If you follow that url, it will return "Resident Evil 2"

    On the returned xml, part of the data is a list of platforms that the game is possibly played on but it wont tell you what specific platform that this game(9418) belongs to except for the list of platforms it has. It will just tell you by looking at the image, but is there any other way like a platofrm ID? How can I retrieve other "Resident Evil 2s" from different platforms?

    If you look at the site (http://www.giantbomb.com/resident-evil-2/61-9418/images/), there are bunch of box art images from different platforms for "Resident Evil 2". Then, if you click one of those images you get to a URL like this (http://www.giantbomb.com/resident-evil-2/61-9418/all-images/52-178960/re2_gc_us/51-1183640/) which clearly shows that it's a box art cover for the US version of the Gamecube version of the game. Is there a way I can retrieve that thru the API? As I have noticed, there is no /images/ filtering in the API.

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First of all, you may want to remove your API key from the provided URL.
This game (9418) is available on all those platforms. Take a look at its page on the site. For information on each release, you look not at the game but at its releases. Add releases to field_list, and then retrieve each release element. Platform and image data isn't included there, so use the id or api_detail_url to query each release. If you want a North American GameCube release, that information will be available to you you here. In this case, it's release 84612. The image element contains the box art for that release in a number of different sizes. If you want the original image, remove part of the URL from the last underscore up to but not including the file extension. You now have access to the image.
There's no way to get further information about images, or a full list of images in the gallery, unfortunately.

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Thank you for helping.
So I guess I have to check out each realeses in order to find the platforms that I'm looking for... right? By looking at the releases elements, I can't find directly which release holds which platform.
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@rjwebdesign: Yep, the releases should have what you're looking for. Not every game has their releases listed on Giant Bomb though.
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Thanks for helping out mate.
Is there any way we can get screenshots for each platforms just like whats listed on gallery? Because each release only holds the box arts for the platforms but not their respective screenshots.

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It's not available through the API, so you'd have to scrape it from the gallery page. Note that the galleries are named "<abbreviation> Screenshots", so you'll need to obtain the platform's abbreviation as well. Platform abbreviations are available through the site as well as the API.

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thanks for the info dude... :)