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www.gamedex.net - I'm looking for feedback on a gaming web app - If you ever wanted to keep track of the games you're most looking forward to play, the site links together data form Giantbomb (Videos and Release Dates), Amazon and Steam (prices), Metacritic (reviews) and provides quick links to Gametrailers and Wikipedia (more coming soon).

You can also use it to keep a record of your played games. Add as many tags as you like to games, sort and filter your lists by tag, review score, release date and game status (playing, completed, owned ect..) Import titles into your collection from Steam (Steam ID), XBL (gamertag) and PSN (psn id) Finally, discover new games by looking through Recent releases, Upcoming games, and Popular games lists (filterable by Platform)

I'm still actively developing the app, so if you have any ideas I would love to hear them.

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Nice work duder. I actually found your site in a google search looking for a game collection site. The interface is really slick. As a feature suggestion it'd be nice to be able to setup friends and have a borrow/lend option with friends.

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I think this is fantastic, by far the best design and most feature rich of all the "track/rate your games" sites. I look forward to using it a lot in the future.

But adding to my collection doesn't work for me (yes, I made an account). I assume that's not active yet? So it's kind of hard to give extensive feedback when the major component of the site isn't working.

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So I arrived here while looking for documentation on how to build a service that does exactly what you made. :p All I wanted was to have a list of all my games in chronological order so I could play through them and see the technical progress as time went on. Thanks a ton!!!