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#51 Posted by ez3c (13 posts) -

I know there are ongoing issues with the API, but is anyone else having issues with adding games to the collection? The app was 100% rock solid and now frequently crashes when i attempt to add games ( in particular ikachan and darksider II ) Im sure this will get better over time as the API issues are settled out. I hate to reinstall the app as I will have to enter all games again

Feedback appreciated

#52 Edited by claiver (16 posts) -

I just installed it, then searched for "World of Warcraft", when trying to open the game in the search results the App shuts down (crash).

#53 Posted by Avenged (33 posts) -

I have updated Game Vault (V1.2.1) to address issues that occurred as a result of the recent API changes. Should be available in the app store within the hour.

#54 Posted by Fleppie (233 posts) -

That is one great app man, keep it up! Exactly what I was looking for.