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I've been goofing off with the GB API a bit, and was surprised when I did a query for characters with the name "Scorpion", and received a response with 9035 results in it. Here's the search query I did:

I then tried using the aliases field with the same string, same result. Sure, the results are sorted by what matches best, but It looks like the API is returning ALL characters in the DB rather than just the ones that are relevant. 

Thoughts? Suggestions? Am I doing something wrong?


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There isn't a "name" filter setup yet on the character resource.  So you're actually getting all characters.  We're going to be setting some of those up today.

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Awesome - thanks for the quick response.

Will you guys be updating the documentation as time goes on to reflect the new filters you've set up? Or is it an "update at the end of the day" kind of thing?
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The doc's auto-magically get updated when we make changes to the API :)