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Hey Bombers,

Before posting this, I did an extensive search to see if there was any recent progress in getting Giant Bomb optimized for Chromecast, unfortunately finding nothing regarding such information. I've been looking for Chris Szucko, who developed the Video Buddy, but can't seem to find his SN.

Still can't really play videos directly from the site via laptop because both videos render and the TV ends up getting the poor end of the stick. Additionally, mobile still isn't supported.

I know it's a pretty obvious first-world problem, but not being able to stream Premium content (or regular content, for that matter) to my TV effectively when YouTube videos work 100% fine kinda sucks.

Does anyone know of workarounds regarding this issue, or at least of any developments that might prevent this from being an issue?

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Can't a guy sleep in on a Saturday? :)

The short version is that Chromecast isn't currently supported in GBVB and it probably won't get implemented in the near term, but on Android there are some third-party apps that can combo with GBVB to get you slingin' video around. For a slightly longer version, check out this post in the thread @lordandrew linked to.

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@soup_menu My offer to help you with getting Chromecast to work still stands (I sent you an email about this through the Play store a few months ago) if you're interested. I'm graduating next week and could use something to do in between applying for jobs :P

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@hoteldon: I appreciate the offer, but I'm not currently in a position to collaborate. Best of luck on the job hunt though!