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I received a "Notification". I click on it ...

The Notification tells me something. The only thing to click here is the "User Profile" - not the "new blog" (or whatever event triggered this message). Now I am informed that somebody of the 100+ people I follow, did something.


Is this intentional design? Is this GOOD design? I leave the answer to brighter minds than mine.

Making things, just to make them, because others make them (better), is not reason enough to make them?

Of course, that is just my own - inferior - opinion.

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Yeah, I noticed this as well, was gonna post something.

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I don't follow blogs but I can understand where you are going with this. I'm not a web designer so I don't have any idea how difficult it may actually be to implement, but I'm sure it would be way more useful if the notification could actually link you to the blog (or whatever item it is addressing) itself.

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I believe this is supposed to link to the blog itself rather than just the profile.

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Don't feel bad, I don't get notifications at all.

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@cornbredx: Check the settings tab on your profile to see if you have notifications enabled.

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@chaser324: It's a problem a lot of us are having. I've changed my settings on and off in every combination, and I have yet to get one notification since the change.

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I have also not gotten any notifications about anything.

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@truthtellah: It seemed to be working for me initially. I got a few notifications for @reply and new blogs from people I'm following. However, I definitely didn't get any indication for the reply you directed at me in this thread.

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