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UPDATED, Current Version 1.5:

This thread is only for version 1.X for XBMC version Camelot or older. Check this thread for the newest version. I'm no longer self using this version of the plugin, so if any problems occur please contact me (PM or write in the thread) so I can fix it as quickly as possible.
The Google Code Project Page
Direct download link here
To install:

  • Extract the zip file to you XBMC video plugin folder, usaly:
    Windows Vista: \Users\$UserName$\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\plugins\Video 
    MAC: $HomeFolder$/Libary/Application Support/XBMC/plugins/video 


  • Play all videos from GiantBomb.com
  • List all videos or choose a category
  • Two sort methods (Title, Date)
  • Choose between High (1500 kbit/s) or Low (700 kbit/s ) video quality
  • Persona 4 /  Deadly Premonition - Endurance Run
  • Star Trek Online
  • The Matrix Online
  • TANG
  • Quick Looks, Quick look of the Year: 2009
  • Reviews
  • QOTW
  • I Love Mondays
  • Trailers
  • Game Of The Year
  • How To Build A Bomb
  • Giant Bomb Mailbag

GiantBomb Videos - Video Plug-in for XBMC
#2 Posted by goodwood (622 posts) -

oh cool I have been thinking about using xbmc when i build a htpc

#3 Posted by Freek (106 posts) -

That is pretty sweet.

#4 Posted by poserdonut (36 posts) -

Cool, I've also made this. :)

#5 Posted by megalowho (1082 posts) -

This is a great idea, I was hoping something like this would pop up sooner or later. I use Plex right now on my media center, and I long for a way to browse Giant Bomb videos through it. Looking forward to seeing more.

#6 Posted by louiedog (2382 posts) -

Any updates on this? I've wanted to watch Giant Bomb videos on XBMC for a long time.

#7 Posted by mithhunter55 (702 posts) -

It would be great if you could set it to play the endurance run non stop in order.

#8 Posted by Zaph (305 posts) -
@mithhunter55: See my post on the Persona 4 forums for that exact thing. It's basically a custom .pls file (will work fine with XBMC) that will play every Endurance Run episode from start to finish (or you can just skip to a certain episode).
#9 Posted by mithhunter55 (702 posts) -
@Zaph: Cool thanks, interesting to see how it works
#10 Posted by poserdonut (36 posts) -

OK, so here is a xbmc plugin I made for giantbomb, it gives you the 20 latest videos. I hade made one which hade categories (persona endurance, tang, interview etc.) but the new site design broke it. So this will have to do.


#11 Posted by louiedog (2382 posts) -
@poserdonut: Thanks for that. It works great. If you ever update your old one for the new design I'd love to see that, too.
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I have released the plug-in, see the beginning of the thread.

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Had some trouble getting it to work on my Xbox for some reason.. Eventually, after looking through the log file I created an empty video.dat in the plugin directory (as it couldn't create it for some reason?) and it worked fine then. Though I can't properly sort by date when using it. It's stuck on sort by date oldest>newest and I can't change it.. Hmm.  
Any chance you could add some options to set? Primarily the video quality. Looks from the code it's hard set to 1500? I'd like to be able to select medium if possible (700 I think that is). 
Grand plugin though. 
Edit: After a little looking around, looking at some other code, I found I could add  " xbmcplugin.addSortMethod( handle=int( sys.argv[ 1 ] ), sortMethod=xbmcplugin.SORT_METHOD_DATE ) "  early inside the addVideosFile() method (I placed it as the fourth line) and now when I go into each directory I can change the date sort. Certainly a horrible fix, but works until someone with a firmer grasp of the coding gets a look. 
Still can't see a way to get 700 medium quality.. It looked like it would be an easy change but it still streams 1500's.

#15 Posted by BuggeX (102 posts) -
i will look in to the sorting problem
regarding the quality, look for "_1500.flv" and change it to  "_700.flv" and then delete the video.dat file so the all data is updated
i have started working on the next relese, that should make it possible to change the quality directly from the GUI
#16 Posted by BuggeX (102 posts) -

Released version 1.1

  • Added two sorting methods (Title and Date)
  • Possible to choose video quality (High, Low)
#17 Posted by Vamino (243 posts) -

Thanks for those changes. Installed the new version and had a go with it. Sorts how I want it to and even low (700) is totally watchable for me on my tv. It streams in a lot nicer too (had the occasional hiccup on 1500 for me... Aussie broadband I guess).

#18 Posted by louiedog (2382 posts) -

Thanks for this.

#19 Posted by ch13696 (4760 posts) -

What's XBMC? Because I want to be able to watch the endurance runs on my tv

#20 Edited by Vamino (243 posts) -

XBMC is an application for viewing/streaming video from your network. There are versions for most major OS's, but the program itself was originally developed for use on original Xbox's that were modified. Honestly, it's still the easiest way I've found to watch video streamed to my tv. 
Since it's PC release I believe it's become quite popular as a home theater PC interface. 
Edit:  http://xbmc.org/

#21 Posted by harris (841 posts) -

Lookin' good... nice work!

#22 Posted by ch13696 (4760 posts) -

Ok. I see how it works. Any chance they're going to do something for any of the current consoles? Or maybe make their own media device for the TV?

#23 Posted by BuggeX (102 posts) -

Released version 1.2 
See the top for the thread

#24 Posted by BuggeX (102 posts) -
@ch13696: For the moment no, XBMC is not available for the current consols. For more info see this thread.
#25 Posted by JohnRainbow (5 posts) -

Excellent script. Thanks! For XBMC on Linux I had to change the Default.py to default.py due to case sensitivity.

#26 Posted by BuggeX (102 posts) -
@JohnRainbow: thx, I will have it fixed for the next release
#27 Posted by zaidr (8 posts) -

BuggeX, I've been reading through your source code, and forgive me if this is a stupid question, but why do you need video.dat file? Are you not just passing through the Giantbomb link to the actual FLV file to XBMC? Thanks for your help.

#28 Posted by BuggeX (102 posts) -
@zaidr: not a problem. The video.dat file is there to make it faster to start the plugin. If there are no new videos the plugin will use the video.dat file to get the video links, this is must faster then getting the links from the site. 
Currently the file is overwritten every time new videos are added to the site. I'm currently changing the plugin so new videos are appended to the end of the file, for a faster start  up time. 
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Released version 1.3
See the top for the thread   
Also released ComicVine Videos plugin

#30 Posted by JohnRainbow (5 posts) -

You have a "1 off" error in your script. This makes it so the last video in the dbase (most recently added on the site) isn't ever shown.

#31 Posted by BuggeX (102 posts) -
@JohnRainbow: thx, I will look into this
#32 Posted by Matt (1072 posts) -

Any news on this great plugin being added to the SVN Repo Installer?

#33 Posted by BuggeX (102 posts) -

 Released an update correcting a couple of errors, all videos should now be available again, see the top for the post.   
@Matt:    I will look into this, hopefully next week   

#34 Posted by JohnRainbow (5 posts) -

Can you move the updateVideos() call to be under "if mode==None:"? Sometimes after viewing a video it will get stuck in a loop trying to update the video db and ultimately trash it. Have to delete it and have it rebuilt. I think it's when they add a video from the time you started watching something. Moving that call will make it so it only updates the video.db when your at the main category menu.

#35 Posted by BuggeX (102 posts) -

Add support for boxee and created a new thread in General Discussion with more information here

#36 Posted by heat (196 posts) -

@BuggeX Are you planning to update the plugin to work with the Dharma release of XBMC?

#37 Posted by BuggeX (102 posts) -
@heat: I have already :) and it is now available in the XBMC repository
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This thread is now only for version 1.X for XBMC version Camelot or older. Check this thread for the newest version. I'm no longer self using this version of the plugin, so if any problems occur please contact me (PM or write in the thread) so I can fix it as quickly as possible.