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I saw on the forums the other day that a fellow user had joined the site I created, and wrote about it a little bit here:


I thought I'd share here what I've made in case anyone else was interested, or if anyone wanted to share some feedback.

The basic premise of grouvee is to be a Goodreads for video games. You can create virtual "shelves" and rate/review games that all come from the GiantBomb API. You can friend users, and see updates in your activity feed when they do something on the site. I know that darkadia is a similar idea, but I just thought I'd show you guys my twist on it.

Let me know what you think.

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I've seen a lot of sign ups from fellow duders recently, and just wanted to say thank you so much! We've got over 500 users now, and quite a few every day users.

We've recently pushed out some changes to the user profiles and activity feeds that make it real easy to add games to your shelves, and see what your friends are doing in a clean, almost Google+ kind of way.

If anyone on here is using it, and has any feedback, I'd love to hear it. Thanks again for all your support!