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Would anyone know how I could use the API to retrieve the images of the games in a franchise? It would seem this would do it...

http://www.giantbomb.com/api/franchise/508/?api_key=[API KEY]&format=jsonp&field_list=games&json_callback=JSON_CALLBACK

But, this only returns the game names and IDs, and no images. Is there a way for me to add the image field to the request somehow?

Thanks a bunch.

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Is this what you want ? The images at last :


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That would only include the image of the franchise itself, not for the individual games in the franchise.

This page does exactly what I'm asking: http://www.giantbomb.com/mario-party/3025-508/games/

Perhaps this page is making an API call that isn't exposed us developers? Can any devs from Giant Bomb confirm if this is true?

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For that you can chain APIs

Grab game->api_site_url

Call api_site_url->image

That way you can get that game's image, thats just vivid descrip of how I would have done it using loops