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Hi, I'm just getting started with the giantbomb API, and while I've been able to figure out most of what I'm looking for, I hit a stumbling block regarding developer and publisher info. Specifically, I'd like to get a list of publishers and developers for a game. It seems like this query should do the trick:


However, no developer or publisher information is returned. If I view the page for this game, though, I can see that giantbomb does have the both the developer and publisher populated, so I'm not sure why it's not showing up in my results. According the the API references developers and publishers should both be valid fields for the game object, and even if I omit the field_list altogether I still don't see that information listed.

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? I've tried this with a few different games, so it's not an issue with the game itself.


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@nitro322: The results from the search call is limited to what is returned from a list call. In your case, this would be games. To get more detailed info about the game, you'll need to make a call against the singular game resource call by providing the the relevant game guid.

An example:

To get the publisher and developer of Zig-Zag I would need to get its guid which is 3030-637--guid is constructed with the game resource type and its id--and then make this call to the API:


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Hi, frobie. Thanks for the reply. That makes sense. Have a few quick follow-up questions to clarify, if you don't mind:

1. I guess this should be obvious, but how am I supposed to know what I'm getting back from my search? You say it's 'games', and I'm sure you're right, but I thought resources specified that. In this case, I have resources=game, not games, so I expected to have access to everything under game. Is the "search action yields results of type games" thing documented somewhere that I overlooked?

2. What exactly is the point of specifying 'resource', then? I must be missing the point of that option.

3. Tangentially related, but something I'm not really clear on: what exactly is the difference between the singular and plural forms of each resource type? Eg., games vs. game as we discuss above, platform vs. platforms, genre vs. genres, etc.? When should one be used over the other?

If you could point me to any documentation on this instead, that'd also be great. I just haven't been able to find much besides the resource list and some example, but I'm not certain I'm looking in the right place.

Thanks! Oh, and one last question, just to confirm:

4. If I'm starting with just a game title and want to get the developer, based on what you described it's not possible to do that in one call, correct? I have to first search for the game to get giantbomb's game ID, then perform another call against that specific game resource to get the developer? or is there perhaps some other way?

Thanks again.

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@nitro322 Background first of how the API is set up. There are two types of API calls available for each resource--the list version (games) and a detail version (game). Each game returned in the list call will have the basic set of info. The game returned in the detail call will have more info.

1. You are correct in that adding resources=game to the search call will return only game results. Each game returned in the search query will have the same info as the list version of the API call mentioned above.

2. To filter the search results to specific resource types.

3. Answered in the background info above.

4. Yes, your first assumption is correct.