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or where "orginal_release_date!="" "

is there a feature for this?

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@frobie said:

The date fields can now be filtered by a range of dates. The start and end date is separated by a pipe. Using one date will be considered as filtering for the exact date.


To get the locations that were added to Giant Bomb between 1/1/2012 and 3/1/2012:

http://api.giantbomb.com/locations/?api_key=[API KEY]&filter=date_added:2012-01-01%2000:00:00|2012-03-01%2000:00:00

To get the locations that were added Giant Bomb on 1/1/2012 (unfortunately needs an exact time stamp match):

http://api.giantbomb.com/locations/?api_key=[API KEY]&filter=date_added:2012-01-01%2019:45:08

Filter the original_release_date field with a start and end date to use a range of dates.