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So I was just thinking, wouldn't it be cool if you could make a Facebook app that pulls your Feed and intigrates it in to your wall on face book? It would kinda be like the Kotaku comment app, where if you comment while logged in to face book via Kotaku, it will make a note on your feed. 

So basicly you would have it kinda like this:
Paradox has just updated his profile
Paradox just had a submission approved for Warp Pipe (or Paradox just made 23 changes on the Warp Pipe page and now has 547 points. )
Paradox just created a new forum post in the topic People who should be hired by giantbomb. in the General Discussion forum
Paradox has just blabalbal

you get the idea. Merging the feeds would be really cool. But I have no idea how you would make it, but im sure some one here does! 
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API is currently limited to actual wiki data. Nothing pertaining to users. Privacy concerns and all that.

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I had the same idea before the api launched, but the api doesn't access user data.

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Well, to be true, this "feature" would only be useful here... I don't see the use of displaying this kind of information anywhere else...

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everyone has ideas, ideas are a dime a dozen. Find me someone who can make it happen dammit!

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Although you can't use the API to do this, your RSS feed should work just fine. I don't know how long that's been there without me noticing it...