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I've noticed that there are games that exist on GB that aren't available via the API. These are games that have existed on GB for quite a while, so it's not a function of sync delays.

An example of this, would be Dark Souls. Clearly avail on Giant Bomb, but not listed anywhere in the API. (or at least I had no luck at all finding it)

Can anyone shed light on this? Thanks.

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@panderon: I was able to find Dark Souls using the API. The game ID is 32697 and the release IDs are 116246 (PC), 108522 (Xbox 360), and 108521 (PS3). I could be that you are building the URL or parsing the result incorrectly (or tried during a time that the GB serves were down).

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Hm.. Thanks bmetaylor. I will regroup and report back on any additional challenges.

Since you've been so helpful, would you be able to verify 'Crazy Machines 2' ? This is another seemingly elusive game. If you find it in the API, then I've definitely taken a wrong turn somewhere.


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Please post the URL you are using (with the API key removed of course) as well as the content returned. You may be doing something wrong. Both Dark Souls and Crazy Machines 2 can be found with the API, through the search resource as well as providing the ID directly.

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One thing that should be pointed out is that the search cannot handle special characters (subscripts, accented letters and what have you) so you won't be able to find, say for example, a Pokemon game through the API. The site itself gets around this through aliases, but API developers don't get access to that. It seems like something that would be a pretty easy fix, but since the engineering team is busy building the new site, I wouldn't expect it to happen any time soon. :\