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I just started trying the API (btw, is there any documentation in terms of formatting the URLs?) and ran into a weird issue.

It seems like the first query I send gets cached and any subsequent queries with the same number of arguments get the results from that first query.

Here is an example (Metroid Prime 3),


If I do this the first time, I get the correct results. However, if I change the field_list to "description,image,name" I get the same results. If I change the number of arguments, this doesn't happen.

For example,


Am I using this incorrectly?

I've been force refreshing the browser (Chrome on Win8) and it doesn't seem to do anything.

Btw, if there isn't a quick set of documentation / an example, I could try to put a page together. It seems fairly straight forward, but I got as far as I did above through guessing and looking through random threads for people with issues.

Thank you,


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@pandaeskimo: Put in a fix for the caching issue, should be in production later today.

Haven't had time to flesh out the documentation. If you know of a site with a good API documentation I can emulate, shoot me a link. But, by all means, if you have the time to put a page together, post it on this board and I'll pin it to the top.

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Thanks, I'll try to make a thread with info.

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I encountered a similar issue with search. Search seems to ignore by "resource_type" filter. Instead, I just get all results.



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@pandaeskimo The layout for the search section may have caused some slight confusion here; resource_type is a field that gets returned in the search results. resources is the keyword you're looking for to filter the results by the resource type.