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Hey duders,

For the past year or so I have in my spare time worked on a little project called Pixeldb.

It is an unofficial Giantbomb app, that give access to all the awesome wiki content, but I have also included profile options to create lists and keep a diary of your played games.

The app is for both iPhone and Android devices (my buddy Kenneth is making the Android version and is not ready for testing yet) - and yes it will be free.. because you're awesome!... and because @rorie says so :-)

I desperately need your help to test the iOS version. The app is nearly done, which cannot be true, so I need your help to tell me my code is broken. Who is better to test that all the content is rendered beautifully on the screen than the creators of the content?

If you are interested & questions to the project feel free to drop a line here or send me a PM.

You can read a bit more about the project at http://pixeldb.net


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Move to API board because I think it is more relevant here.