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I love the Giant Bomb iPhone App. It's a great gaming resources and it's nice to have Giant Bomb videos and reviews portable.
But you know what would make it a lot better? All the achievement stuff that's on the full site now? Mostly the ranking stuff. I'm obsessed with checking my Giant Bomb rank as I play 360 games, and I love comparing my achievements with the rest of the community, seeing what achievements are rare and everything else.
What do you think the chances are of seeing any of that stuff on the app? I would like to think that it'd be an easier/more elegant addition than other requests, such as forum viewing... The only issue I could potentially see is if Microsoft is too strict with their API stuff, not allowing any apps that use it to be paid apps. But I wonder if they'd allow this because you're not paying for the Xbox Live stuff, you're paying for the Giant Bomb stuff.

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There's no user stuff in the API at all except for user reviews, which strikes me as odd.

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iphone app is dead .... they said on bombcast that because of piracy there wont be more updates ... so we just wasted our money (btw they are ways to show adds on or even disable pirated apps)
 still love giant bomb but its sad to see that eurogamer and ign have apps that get new features every now and then .. i woud love to see offline and achievs but ll stay on website i guess 
sorry for my english ;)

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I agree it's pretty disappointing to see the app die.  I have severely limited internet on my work PC, so the app is a cool way to keep up on the news, but having more of the site in the app would be so much better.