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i can't find the news resource, can any one help me with this.

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In what capacity are you trying to get news? Would the RSS feed suffice?

I don't think there's any way to get news associated with a particular game, concept, person, etc., but that does seem like something that might be worth adding at some point (attn: @jslack, @mrpibb, @frobie).

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@chaser324: the rss does not seem to include all images included in the news or reviews.

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@cs15: I've never actually used the RSS feeds, but taking a quick glance at them, it seems like they have all of the images in there. What's a particular case where there are images missing?

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@chaser324: I didn't do anything with them in my program as yet, but I opened the titanfall review rss on my phone and is missing all images but the first one. Since I have no experience working with rss, I though just to see is there an api to where I can get all data.

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@cs15: Maybe you should take a second look because the Titanfall review in that RSS seems to have every image in it.

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@chaser324: Sorry, you are right. I checked from another rss reader and it does include everything. sorry for wasting your time.