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I want to know if I could collect all informations about PC Games with 1 request.

Actually, I am forced to use 2 queries, this one :


and : http://www.giantbomb.com/api/game/2/?format=json&api_key=KEY&field_list=genres,publishers,developers

I have 10408 results and if I use 2 requests my API key is frozen with this error "Rate limit exceeded. Slow down cowboy."
So is it possible to collect all this informations (id, name, image, deck, expected_release_month, expected_release_quarter,expected_release_year, original_release_date, publishers, with 1 request ?

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I'm pretty sure not since the /games endpoint will not return that info; and I have yet to find a way to get the developer/publisher info without. It would be nice if it would so that we didn't have to get a list, then make a second call to get even more details.

It gets hung up because you are only allowed 400 calls per 15 minutes. I am running into the same issue with my new website. I am prepopulating my database with a bunch of information so that I don't have to continuously use their API to get what I am looking for. My query results in 30k games, so I can only pull in around 400 every 15 minutes, which will take some time to get everything I need. Future weekly updates shouldn't cause too many problems, but this initial dump is going to take some time.

I was a bit disappointed to see the /games endpoint have less data in it. If it didn't, I would easily be able to get this done in just one session.