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Oh, what's this on my iPhone? It's LittleBomb.com, an iPhone web app that gives you access to the amazing Giant Bomb content. I started working on it last weekend, and I don't have much to show for it yet, but hopefully I will have more very soon. My current plan is to have it fully functional in 2-3 weeks (full database access, searching, and news feeds) and then I'll work on refining it (interface, speed, caching, etc.). So keep an eye on the site for details on what's coming.

Update (3/5/2009)
  • More iPhone friendly navigation interface implemented...still not perfect but workable enough for me to continue on to the next phase of the project.

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Cool. There's quite a few people working on GB iphone web apps, I'm looking forward to them.

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Even though we don't know much about your project, I'm interested in seeing how it turns out. :)

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I'm interested in seeing how it turns out too. I've developed some sites in the past, but nothing for the iPhone, so there's probably going to be some trial and error involved. I do have a pretty well thought out plan of what the site is going to include though and how I'm going to implement it so I think I should be able to have something pretty decent out within a month.

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Check this thread.

TheBeast was already working on an iPhone version.

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Snail said:
Check this thread.TheBeast was already working on an iPhone version."
There's a few people working on them. There's no reason there can't be more than one Giant Bomb app.
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Great work! Looks good so far - looking forward to see it when the backend is working.
Are you planning on releasing the source for the whole thing? Perhaps we could put together a github or Google Code project and merge all our projects somehow?

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I totally agree on there being space for more than one GiantBomb iPhone app. A small element of competition tends to inspire greater products. Having said that, I don't really view this as a competition at all, it's largely just a learning process for me (learning to make iPhone optimized web sites), and if in the process I can contribute something to the GB community then that's great.

Also, The Beast, as soon as I've got some significant PHP (rss/xml parser, caching, etc.) or JavaScript (API accessing, site interface), I'll be sure to find some way to share it with the rest of you. In the spirit of the GB community, I think all of our stuff should be open source, and we should all be licensing our stuff under some flavor of the Creative Commons license. We also probably should come up with some way of collecting a repository of all of our work somewhere.

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Chaser324, if you haven't seen it yet, I've got a JavaScript library in the works called GiantFuse.  It's hosted on Google Code and under the MIT License.  You can read the original post for more info. It's currently just an API for rendering tool-tips for links to GiantBomb content, but I'd like to get it abstracted enough such that it could be a decent API for anyone wanting to get at the GiantBomb API through JavaScript without having to write all the boring little things.

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Damn I need to get me an iphone, great work.

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Giant Bomb for PCs and Little Bomb for phones. The name is perfect.

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Currently reworking the interface and getting some of the rss parsing stuff started...making a site for the iPhone is quite different from making a site for normal browser consumption. There simply isn't enough space for all the tabs I would eventually need to have across the screen on something like a game or character page. What I'm planning on doing now is just having one button at the top of the page that you'll press to pull down a list of navigation links.

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I'm on the cusp of having something functional up and running. I had hoped to already have this thing usable, but I've unfortunately had other things come up and have been delayed...but I've got some code successfully pulling in data so all I have to do now is get it rendering properly.

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I saw that reviews at least were loading fine, even from a PSP, which is cool. but now it isn't loading anything. Any more news yet? I am really looking forward to a mobile GB

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All of the under the hood stuff is essentially working as far as bringing in data, I just haven't had time to work on the rendering and the finishing touches. Just a while longer...even though GB's official iPhone app might end up making it out there before I'm done.

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Did you ever finish this? Totally forgot about it

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@natetodamax said:
" Did you ever finish this? Totally forgot about it "
It's a web app so you can check it yourself.
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I'm using this ATM and it's great apart from not being able see anything unless I zoom in but being able to just scroll down instead go all over the place is great. Whiskey Media need to make a iPhone friendly version of the site.

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It also works well on Tested.

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@ShaunassNZ: They have an official, iPhone app now. 
Have for a long time.
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@Red said:
" @ShaunassNZ: They have an official, iPhone app now. Have for a long time. "
I know, but this looks like the site and the official app doesn't let you post comments, I don't think this one does either. Here's hoping for a updated GiantBomb app. Also I do have the GiantBomb app.
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Messed with the LittleBomb.com we app on my Android browser. Considering both the Safari on iPhone and the Android Browser are both Webkit, it seemed to wrok ok. Good to know that it works. There might be some specific iPhone features that I am not aware of?