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Just playing around with the API a little to procrastinate..

I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but if I execute something like


I only get the name and id returned in the results, no platform data.

Doing a direct query on the object using


seems to work...

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The games list resource doesn't return a 'platform' field (so it won't appear in /search or /games) - it's only available on the game detail resource (/game).

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Ah, thanks!

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Does this mean that one would need to enumerate all of the records returned from a games/ search and then sub-query each game?  For instance, I want to find all XBOX games that are co-op.  Since concept is part of game/ how would get this result set?

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Any word on this?  Wouldn't it be very helpful to add platform as a query argument of some sort?  I'm working an emulator plugin for Plex and I use search to get the game ID for a given game name.  If I could pass platform as an argument, I could get the correct game id.  
This is especially relevant for games released on several platforms (Madden, NBA Live, etc etc). 
Anybody have a good way to do this (besides iterating on all the results' game details)?

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@trevorcortez: We really only have a single Madden 2010 ID.  That game has several releases, at least one on each platform.  But at the core, there's only one ID for Madden 2010. 
I do however agree that adding more filter options to search would be beneficial.  We're working on some changes internally to search that will make that kind of thing possible.  Once we get it updated, we'll be able to work those filters into the API as well.
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@andy: Thanks for the update!  I'll look forward to any future API changes.  I was a little confused by the game id issue.