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So, we've made  a wii gamer card system, which will have  its own API that homebrewers can plug into to push recently played games.    I love the giantbomb api though since it lets me pull box art of the games reliably.  The card system isnt public yet, it is running in a private beta while we icon out  a few bugs.   As part of this project, we will probably open source some wrapper PHP classes that eliminate the XML part and allow you to make simple calls to the giantbomb db pretty easily (assuming you have an API key) without any knowledge of XML. 
Thanks Giantbomb.  you've eliminated the need to build game databases on the internet!

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So am I to believe that your stealing bandwidth from GB by hot linking all there box art? Did you get permission for this?

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       It is now in pulic beta. This is how it looks with the default theme . Ill post the giant bomb php code next.  


more  info here: 
The images arent hotlinks. It downloads the coverart for the games using the giant bomb API.
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" which will has its own API
You just lost any credibility  you might have had with me.
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Fixed in the post. Sorry, I alternated between have and has when writing that.  The API is made but it isn't public. I my mind it has an API the public will have it soon. 
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hahaha that's........cute

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I  should probably clarify that since I wrote the OP and now, it's become a universal gamer card. you can stick any game from  the giant bomb database on your card. 

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I guess its time to mention that this automatically updates from the wii now  with homebrew that reads the wii's game play logs and then uses the giantbomb db to make the card. Wii gamer cards are now functionally equivalent to PSN cards.  

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a wii gamercard that's cute ahahaha

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" why? "
because the wii does not have cheevos there for the wii gamercard  has no purpose other than saying 
"hey I waste money on wii games then I wasted a lot time making this card."
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wow,  you are a jackass. 

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Just ignore him.