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Hi guys,

I need to find an endpoint that returns a list of upcoming games by console.

For example, a JSON response containing information about upcoming releases for XBox 360, PS3, Wii and PC.

What is the URL I need to use to retrieve this information? I'm confused because there is both a Game endpoint and a Release endpoint, and I doubt those two fit what I need.

Thanks for the help!

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After looking up the word "endpoint" I'm still not clear what you're looking for. All I know is that the API alone cannot give you that information. Are you looking for an external tool?

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An endpoint is basically a URL that you can access to retrieve a response from a web server.

For example, RottenTomatoes has an API with several endpoints. EDIT: I don't need it to return JSON, XML is fine too.

So you're saying I cannot get a collection of games for a given platform that are "coming soon"?

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Filtering the API results is incredibly limited. You can't do much to change what results are given to you.

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Ok thanks, but can you give me a direct answer (if you have it), does GiantBomb offer this endpoint for comming soon games, or do they just offer a list of games via platform?

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@papuccino1 said:
" does GiantBomb offer this endpoint for comming soon games? "
@papuccino1 said:
" do they just offer a list of games via platform? "
They don't even offer that, as far as I can tell.
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@LordAndrew: So what do they offer? Just a complete response of all the games in their database? I highly doubt that.
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@papuccino1: Don't believe me? Read the documentation. If you find a solution there, please inform me. I'd love for such a feature to exist.
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Well that sucks then. So we're supposed to download 40,000+ listings each time someone wants to search something on our applications?

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Or download them and cache it for future use. And then you can schedule updates weekly or whenever you feel it appropriate to run through the entire listing again. It's a huge inconvenience, but it's the only way I know of.