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  I'm part of a grad student project group from the University of Michigan school of information.  We're in an information visualization course and trying to develop a data visualization of a limited set of video games showing groupings by platform, date, title, and concepts, pooling data from the GiantBomb API.

  We were hoping to use an experimental visualization platform called skyrails, but none of us are sufficiently code savvy to figure out how to get our data into this undocumented application.  The developer has some example visualizations but we just don't have the coding knowledge between us to decipher our way into the code.

This is a link for the rar file of the skyrails application.

http://www.cse.unsw.edu.au/~wyos/skyrai ... lsdist.rar

and the Google group where people discuss skyrails.

http://groups.google.com/group/skyrails ... 7ca2b77c91

Is there anyone out there in the community who is skyrails savvy and would like to help out a little bit of video game related academic exploration?  I'm afraid we can't really offer anything aside from name recognition in our report.  But if there's anyone out there who would consider such an undertaking fun, you would be saving our overworked butts, and maybe get to see some cool visualizations of vdeo game concepts at the end of the semester.

Thanks for your time,

GiantBomb Noob