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Has anyone ever got any official "thumbs up" or other recognition from Giant Bomb staff for their use of the API? It sounds like this is a possibility from the way the API page reads: "...build something awesome, contact us when you have a prototype and let's figure out a way to work together. We like people that build awesome things." But maybe that was just something they wrote 5 years ago and no one cares anymore.

I've built something I think is significant (something other than my Giant Bomb API Taboo Game but thanks for checking that out too). I PM'd both Rorie and Snide a few weeks ago and haven't received any response. Do they check PM's? Is there a better way to get in touch with someone regarding an API creation?

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Snide doesn't work here any more, so that's probably why he hasn't been in touch!

If you post something cool then we can feature it on the frontpage of the site, but the staff aren't in the habit of endorsing community run projects.

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Thanks Sweep. I'll PM you.

You know I kind of thought Dave left at some point, but I couldn't remember when or find any confirmation of it.