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I'm not a company, but I want to make an app that uses GiantBomb's API data. My question is, if I charge for that app, does that count as "commercial usage"?

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Probably. If unsure, ask for permission. But if the app doesn't exist yet, don't bother. Build the thing, then ask if they'll let you make money from it.

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Im pretty sure. Id PM Rorie and see if you could work something out before you make any moves.

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I wouldn't bother. Back when it was a startup they might not have cared but if you want to make money off of a CBS property there will be lawyers involved.

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I was in touch with GB/CBS a few months ago regarding commercial API use for dpadd. The answer in it's simplest form was: "what you're doing is cool but it's not worth it for CBS to pay lawyers to draw up agreements until you are big enough that they can't ignore you".

So... build something awesome, get tons of users and then you can work out an agreement for commercial use. Until then, no projects with ads, subscriptions, fees, amazon affiliate links, etc. If that's not something you're comfortable when then it's probably best to look for another API. Unfortunately, there are none better IMO.

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Maybe don't charge for shit you don't technically own. Also, always pose such questions from a third-person perspective - "If someone else did this, would I object and call him a fucker?" Probably.

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Make it, then have a donate button. If people dig what you're doing, they can throw some cash your way. But don't make it mandatory. That's how @soup_menu runs Giant Bomb Video Buddy. Seems way more tasteful and a bit more legal.