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Who do I talk to in order to receive permission to release an unofficial Giant Bomb Android App? I recall a fellow Android Developer had his app removed from the Play Store for a short amount of time and he had to receive permission to get it back in the play store.

Whom do I talk to in order to make sure that does not happen to my app?

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Try @rorie I bet he knows (or is the one)

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For those of you interested, here are some screenshots.

Features include News, Reviews Videos, Podcasts, Wiki, Unique Tablet Interface, ART support, and Chromecast Support for videos.

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@tykin: I would suggest sending a PM or e-mail to Rorie. He seems to be up on these things, and if not, then he would probably send it along to whoever is in charge of it.

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Yep as others have said Rorie will either know or be able to direct your request to the people who would know.

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As others have said, you should contact @rorie. The one issue I think you might face is that your app doesn't really appear to do anything aside from just spit out all of the data form the site in a different form.

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Chromecast support for videos would be enough to get me to buy in. Good luck, duder!

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@tykin: So long as your app is not commercialized (i.e. no ads and not being sold), you should be fine.

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@rorie: What about in app donations?

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Any chance you could send a fellow bomber the apk if it's not the store? (Would gladly supply said donation!)

Will give you testing feedback - Moto G, MediaPad 7" Tablet, Nexus 4, Chromecast

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No offense but so far the mobile website looks nicer to use, ahem..