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Hello all.

I have a question related to searching for games. Whenever I search for say "assassins creed", I get 0 results. I'm using the following request:


This is probably due to the apostrophe in the name for the game (Assassin's Creed)...

I've noticed that if searching for assassins creed on the site, it shows up results using aliases (image below). So how can search by also looking at game aliases?

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try changing "resources" to "resource_type"

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The API will never look at aliases. Have you tried encoding the apostrophe?

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Yeah the problem isnt when I add the apostrophe, its when I dont add it. I personally rarely use an apostrophe when searching for anything and I dont expect my users to use one either.

The search works fine with the apostrophe included but if I dont include it, it somehow doesnt find anything - although the website does! So thats what was bugging me.