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I'm trying to get all games under the xbox one platform. I tried by using this url http://www.giantbomb.com/api/games/?api_key=<APIKEY>&filter=platform:3045-145 but it seems to return all games for all platforms. Anyone have some idea why?

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@michael_lazzaro: You probably solved this by now, but in case someone else has this problem: you don't need to use the 3045 code, just the ID of the platform itself, so filter=platform:145.

Also to filter by more than one platform you would do, for example: filter=platform:145|146|94

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@objectivecaio thank you for the answer. Out of curiosity. Whats is the 3045 code for?

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@michael_lazzaro: I think that code has more to do with how the URLs are structured than anything else. Each different type of wiki entry has a different code associated with it (3030 for games, 3040 for people, 3045 for platforms, etc.). Those numbers don't really come into play when accessing data through the API.

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@chaser324: I thought so, but it's the only difference between his request and the way I make them.