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Ok, so I wrote a little app that downloads bits of metadata and covers of releases for games in my library using your gb api, but I noticed in my logs that certain games like Ōkami and Einhänder can't be found at all when i search for them. For example, my program tries the following url when searching for Ōkami
2011-03-18 00:56:58,322 - DEBUG - URL sent to api: http://api.giantbomb.com/search/?query=%C5%8Ckami&api_key=<my key>&field_list=aliases%2Cid%2Cname&resources=game&format=xml     
Is this because these games have characters that can't be handled by the search? If so, should I just request the titles for these names be changed?

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I'd call it a bug. If you feed it an accented character it should search for that accented character, but I think it tries to normalize it to an unaccented character instead. I'm currently in the process of mirroring most of the data so I can query them with other tools. Did a search for "Ōkami" and it worked. It's not really a practical option though.