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I've been trying to add the subscriber RSS Video feeds to my Zune software. The first RSS link I downloaded had embedded in it my API key and it allowed me to add the Subscriber Video Feed. Now I'm trying to add the feeds for Quick Looks and now the RSS link doesn't have the API key info in it anymore and just looks like this: http://www.giantbomb.com/videos/feed/high/3/. When I add that in Zune it doesn't get any data and just looks like a blank feed.

Any way I can get a link to a page of RSS feeds that has my API key in the links? Or can you just show me the syntax for how the site wants the API key in an RSS feed request so I can just plug my own key in there?

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I tried just appending my API key at the end of the RSS feed link but that didn't work, Zune errors out probably because you can't just throw a "?api_key=123123123123" without specifying some sort of resource first like "rss.xml" or "index.xml", which I tried and neither worked. At this point I'm just trying to guess at the syntax. I wish I pasted that link down somewhere before pasting it into Zune, but I figured I would just be able to find it again on Giantbomb. Now it's buried in a Zune database somewhere and I can't get Giantbomb to present me again with that RSS feed with an API key embedded in it again.

Zune had a prompt that came up asking if i'd like it to remember the subscriber info, which I entered, but the interface has no way to view or edit those settings.

Damn, this is maddening.

EDIT: I figure out that it wasn't an API key that I need at the end of the RSS URL, but a token similar to this:


I added this token to the end of a different RSS URL, however it isn't working to add it to Zune. I imagine I need a different token for each feed? How to I generate this?

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I also have the same problem. I had hoped that subscribing would allow me to download these videos with the Zune software. Sorry for the dead thread bump, but I felt it was better to post here.