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I was wondering if there would be any way to search by a game ID to retrieve the details from the database.  I'm trying to pull data about XBOX games from the site, but the only data I really have access to is the XBOX Live gamename identifier.  I'd like to see if it's possible to have a way to search by this added.  I think it may need the site to allow more input though to specify the game ID's, since some games may have many (such as "Army of Two" and "Army of Two (EU)").
It would be nice to see this extended as both data and a search ability.
I know that aliases could be used for such a thing, but it just seems to make more sense to me to have it as a real option rather than a workaround - that said, I know who make the decisions so obviously sense to me may not be enough.  I know this isn't entirely an API regard, but I figured that since I couldn't find the correct place, I'd at least get pointed in the right direction here.  Or told where to go, which I could kinda understand.

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Those aren't IDs. They're just arbitrary strings, which are named after the game's title so Xbox Live users know which game is being referred to. I don't know what Xbox Live's actual ID is for Army of Two. It might be 66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d802454107f8, or it might be something completely different. Either way it's probably only of use to people with access to Microsoft's Xbox Live API.

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Hey LordAndrew, just noticed the reply.  Apparently I don't get notifications, so I apologise for ignoring you.
I've made a script for MSN Messenger Plus! which can access some of the data, although it's pretty much the string.  I'll have a check to see if I can access anything else in the background, perhaps the product code, but then the problem will still be the same - is there any way to pull game data based on a product id for a release?  There isn't that I can see, but I may have missed something.

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Notifications are given for @replies and blog comments. This isn't a blog, and I didn't do an @reply. I don't usually do @replies because I figure most people probably don't like to be pestered every time someone comments on their thread. 
I can't even find this information anywhere on the site. Seems like it would require a lot of manual work then, figuring out and associating each game appropriately. Maybe you could ask the staff if they can provide you with the data you need. They might be a bit busy right now, but I suppose it doesn't hurt to ask them.

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Yeah, the problem is that it would more than likely need the new data added to the site, not that I see that as a problem, but as always it's not my site.  I'd like to think the script would be used by people, and thus everyone would help sort out the site, but honestly it's hard to say.
A possibility would be the 'tid' which is used by xbox.com to identify a game.  Presumeably they would be unique, and I think I can probably get that data (although not entirely sure yet).  The thing is, how would I contact staff about the possibility?

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Twitter usually works for small things, but in this case PMing them here on the site would probably be better. I'm not sure who would be best in this case, but when in doubt talk to Dave. ;)

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@ArkaneArkade: The TLD feed is unique, but unfortunately Microsoft has very specific rules that we can't re-publish any of their data. As silly as it sounds, the ID is their data, so we can't include it in the feed.
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@andy:  Thanks for that.  It's a very silly rule, and technically shouldn't be allowed IMO, but I can respect that at least.  Thank you very much for letting me know.  Guess I'll just have to figure out another system for it.
As always LordAndrew, thanks for the help.  I'd been reluctant to PM them - pretty much for the same reason you don't @reply: they're bound to get that much inbound from everyone else, I didn't want to clutter with my irrelevance.
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@ArkaneArkade: Feel free to PM me.
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Well, looks like I may be at am impasse for my script, so I'm hoping someone may be able to give a suggestion.
The basic idea I want in the end is to be able to query GB based on the current game being played on XBOX.
I've been previously doing this based on an API I created for my own site, but as this is a very poorly maintained method and as GB is awesome I thought I could really improve the script.
The major problem is I get little more than the name of the game being played in my message.  The exact string I retrieve is

XBOXMSGR\0Game\01\0{0}: {1} ({2})\0Xbox 360\0Sonic The Hedgehog 2\0Stefan Leroux\0http://live.xbox.com/profile/profile.aspx?GamerTag=Stefan+Leroux&appid=messenger\066262\0\
 In this case the game being Sonic The Hedgehog 2, and my gamertag being Stefan Leroux.
Basically my thought is, is there any way to traslate that into GB for a query.  I could still further query xbox.com to get the tid, but obviously that method is not allowed.  I'm just hoping that someone may know something I don't about the GiantBomb API, or could suggest something I may have missed.
Apologies for wasting time with possibly stupid ideas, but I figure it's better to make sure.
Cheers Guys
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You could extract the name and use the search resource to try and get the game api page.  
i.e. in the above example  (spaces in the name replaced with %20)
Then from the results if you can find the game, grab the api_detail_url to get to the games api page. Unfortunately this may not work so well if there are name collisions.