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I'm trying to make a dynamic app to allow users to search by game name and expected year release. How would I go about making this call? I've tried:


amoungst other things replacing the comma. How would I go about making this call to return both filters?

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@invulnerable: You're most of the way there.

One issue is that the "name:battlefield3" filter won't ever return results. The there's a space between "battlefield" and "3" in the database, so you'd need to do "name:battlefield%203".

The other issue is that, per the API documentation, expected_release_year will be empty if original_release_date is set. I thought I was going to have to recommend using two queries--one for released games and another for unreleased ones--but it appears that the API will accept a request like:


In this case that still won't return any results, but that's only because Battlefield 3 came out in 2011. If you change the request like so:


...you'll get one hit.

Hope that helps!