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Im trying to get a list of the new games that have been released using:


but the earlest date it returns is 2008 am I doing something wrong?


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The first entrys with your url are entrys where the original_release_date isnt set. Try to add a filter for this

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I've tried to add a filter to my search but nothing really worked. Is there a value for original_release_date such as "set" or "not null" or similar?


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@lithin: Try filter=original_release_date:1700-01-01|2100-12-31.

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This does it, seems you have to add the current date in as the end date. I tried running it up to 2013-12-31 but it started returning unreleased games.

If you are using PHP don't forget you need to use urlencode() on the dates or it won't work - e.g:

$filter = urlencode('1700-01-01 00:00:00') . '|' . urlencode(date("Y-m-d 00:00:00"));