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I keep track of my game collection in Excel. 
It's awesome when you finally got every game listed (with details such as Developer, Release Date, etc.).  But it's an ass to get there. 
I think I spend more than 18 hours just to build my basic database from scratch. That's more time I spend on building this basic Tool. 
I know it's not perfect. There's probably some bugs I'm not aware of. It also doesn't tell you if there's some error and will probably crash if you feed it the wrong file format.
Usage is pretty straightforward. Only advice: Try it with a short list (I included an example file) first, to see it it works. 

It's not ment to be a one-click solution for building a perfect database. It merely helps you building a basis for a good database by automatic the steps you otherwise had to do manually. 
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how did you implement the API into your application?

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@shadowstep0705: what exactly do you want to know?

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@hoechst: Don't you retrieve games out of this database?

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@shadowstep0705: sure. i use plane http api calls documented here. the api returns json objects which my tool translate into objects readable by jexcelapi.

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I downloaded this but it doesn't seem to pull the data in for the other columns. Since it's been 2 years since this was made, I suppose things have changed to where it wouldn't work anymore.

Does anyone know if there is something similar to this? I'd like to have all my games listed on an excel spreadsheet so I can view it on the go on my phone without a data connection. Thanks!