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It's been long overdue since I actually wrote this a ways back. I don't know if anybody would find this useful, but I created a pretty simple script written in Perl that will get the latest videos from any of the feeds for any quality type. I've posted it up at http://www.imadethatcow.com/Development/gb_downloader.tar.gz

This is a handy script that can be used in a cron job for grabbing the latest videos on a regular basis. It will not re-download anything you've already downloaded (provided you do not move the video from it's original location). Use --help to find out all the options for running it.

Send me a PM or reply to this topic if you have any questions!


edit: Latest version can be found here https://github.com/poweld/development/tree/master/perl/gb/gb.pl

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@poweld: Would this work with HD video downloads? (assuming you have a premium account, of course)

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Absolutely it does. You will of course need to authenticate with the GB server in order to get HD videos, but as long as you are a premium member you will be allowed to.


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Updated the handle some changes the GB has made to their infra. Not sure if anyone is using this, but feel free to grab the latest from github. Cheers!