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So, my friend and I built a recommendation system off of the data. Thanks GiantBomb! We would love some feedback. www.infikno.com.

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The recommendations seem a bit hit and miss. I did a search for Chrono Trigger, and a lot of the results make sense. I then did a search for Assassin's Creed 3 though, and the suggested games seemed pretty off base (some Family Guy and Ben10 games were up at the top...nobody should play those...ever).

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I really like the look and all the nice javascript touches you guys have put in. I just can't for the life of me figure out how to clear out my first query to make a second

Edit: figured it out, i think that that related product search button seemed like more of a page title to me than an actual button so it's probably no big deal

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Good suggestions when I put in 4 games. Although most of them were games in the same franchise.

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@Baillie: Ya, if you become a user and view/react to the games you won't get them in your history any more and then you can get more tailored searches.

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@Chaser324: Haha, agreed. Once again, if you become a user, you can then dislike those to tailor your results.