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I watched the happy hour on my Roku Box a week or so ago, and the quality was very very poor. Is there anything being done to improve the quality of roku live content? I have a 10 Mps broadband connection, could it also possibly be my setup causing the low quality? Thanks for some replies in advance on the issue.

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@DriveupLife: Developer here.

It's probably not your setup. Roku doesn't support Flash, so I have to use the HTML5 iPhone/iPad versions of JustinTV's streams (which are of "mobile" quality). I can only display what they give me, and the quality that you saw is usually the best that they provide. What you see is what you get.

However, JustinTV (somewhat arbitrarily) also provides 720p HTML5 streams to a small number of popular channels in their "Gaming" category. The "Giant Bomb Live!" channel is one of those specific hand-selected channels, and those streams always look great on the Roku. Unfortunately, this is the only Whiskey Media-related JustinTV channel that offers high-quality video streams. If you ever see "Giant Bomb Live!" broadcasting live on the Roku, check it out.

Whiskey Media has said that they're dropping JustinTV in favor of Amazon at some point, so this will all be moot in the future. If Amazon provides HTML5-compatible streams, then they will also be supported in the Whiskey Media Roku channel.