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Hi all, hoping someone can help me.

I've been trying to get in touch with someone to discuss the use of the Giant Bomb API for a website I'm currently developing. My site could become a commercial venture at some point so I wanted to get in touch - as the API docs indicate we can "work something out". I've tried contacting giant bomb via the email addresses in the API docs...no luck/response.

A little about me:

I'm an independent web designer/developer from Vancouver, Canada and I'm building a site/app on the side of my full time job.

About the site/app:

The site uses "Twitter style" status updates to announce when a user is playing a game, gives a game a star rating, or wants to play a game. It also allows the user to create and manage a "wish list" of games they wish to play. I have other features in mind but the core of the site is to allow users to "journal" their gaming.

The site is not a wiki, nor a content focused site. "Games" from the API would be used in status updates, wish lists..etc. If games exist on their own page, the page content would be related to how users have interacted with the game (for example: a list of recent activity where users have mentioned a specific game). Obviously those pages will have the "Whisky Powered" badge as stated in the API documentation.

The url is here http://www.dpadd.com however the site is still in the early development stages and not ready for outside eyes :)

Potential revenue models for the site that I may or may not explore:

  • Amazon (or other) affiliate links to buy games. For example if you add a game to your wish list there my be a "buy it now" link.
  • Advertising
  • Maybe a "pro account" in the future that would unlock more advanced features for power users.

Let me know if there's any other info I can provide and if it's possible for me to use your API. If there is some kind of licensing fee or API subscription, I would be totally open to it - assuming it's something that an independent guy working on a side project can afford.

Hope to hear from anyone who can point me in the right direction.


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The API page on the new beta doesn't list any email address at all. It does say this though:

Welcome google searcher. You're just stumbled into exactly what you were looking for. An extremely mature, well organized and continuely updated resource of video game information. The tools to build it were put together by a few dedicated developers at CBS Interactive. The data itself comes from a KISS-like-army of video game fans that contribute millions of edits to the resource every year.

Now that you've found this motherload, do the right thing. Don't just steal it and build some crappy collection app. Build something awesome. Better yet, build something awesome, contact us when you have a prototype and let's figure out a way to work together. We like people that build awesome things.

For Pete's sake don't email us about your unfished app that you might build and how you're worried about how the ad revenue will make you millions of dollars and how that complicates you wanting to use our service. Just go build the thing already, you can do it. Or hell, give up... we're calling you out. Build something so cool we have no choice but to figure out who you are and how you become such a clever person. Possibly you have an interesting childhood story that explains the skills you possess. Maybe it's divine intervention. We'll never know until you build your app.

Or maybe I've gotten this all wrong and you're already a Giant Bomb user. In that case... good luck duder, thanks for helping us build this silly website.

Most of this says nothing, but it seems they want you to have something built already before emailing them for approval. So the only advice I can give you right now is just keep working on it until you have something to show off. All of your potential revenue models are things you could add later, so don't worry about them just yet. Focus on building your thing first.

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Thanks for the reply. Though their words don't totally inspire confidence, it is nice to know that they want to work with devs on cool projects. Truth be told the app is almost ready to be released, I've been using the core features for a few months now just for myself. I'm aiming for a late January release. I guess I'll just keep building and hopefully I can get their ear when its "awesome" enough.