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Hey guys,

I have been working on a personal project that was just released and that uses the GiantBomb API for some of its data. It’s a Windows 8 “Metro” app called GameTracker which allows you to browse upcoming and anticipated games to prepare your gaming schedule. It also allows you to see images and news of your favorite games, and to quickly search for any upcoming games.

I released the first version last week and I am currently adding some more features to make it better (a calendar view and filter settings among other things), but I’d love to know what you guys think and if you had any feedback or suggestions :-)

There’s also a Windows Phone version on the way, with full synchronisation of your favorite games.

Here are a few screenshots:

You can download it from here : http://apps.microsoft.com/webpdp/app/gametracker/5ce2d2ac-6cfe-4131-aac3-136ece02ec74

Also, don’t hesitate to rate and review it if you like it :-)


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Cannot find it in the Australian store.

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@Chromium: Sorry about that, the first release was US-only but it should available everywhere by the end of the week.

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Will it be WP7 compatible? or only Windows Phone 8?

Either way, great work.

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It looks pretty snazzy! Once I get Windows 8 I will be sure to download it!

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@selbie: Thanks ! It will be Windows Phone 7 compatible, I don't see any reason to restrict it to WP8. If you're interested in checking out a beta version, you can send me your WP Live ID to gametracker@live.com and I'll include you :)

@steelerzfan101: Thanks :-)

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Awesome :) I don't mind waiting for the final release. Could it also link to relevant GB game content like Quick Looks / Reviews?

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Very cool. Good work, duder.

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@jswitch: Looks pretty cool duder.

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Wow thats awesome.

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and I just tested the app, it's nice!

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Thanks a lot guys. I really appreciate it :-)

Please let me know if you encounter "Network error" issues, a few users have experienced this and left me bad reviews, but I can't seem to reproduce it and I see absolutely no error or downtime server-side. It's quite frustrating.

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@jswitch: I've got WP7 (7.5) right now and will send a note to the listed email if you don't mind me trying it on my phone. Additionally, I just installed Win 8 on my home laptop and will try to grab the app tonight.

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@jswitch: Wow! That looks really good!

Too bad I'm probably going to stick to Windows 7 for now. I just don't like a lot of the removed/altered features (start menu, location of show desktop, etc)

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Question: how would you rate building on the WP platform? I'm still very new to app development, but fully interested.

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@Ghost_Cat: I think developping on WP is great and fairly straightforward, the tools and language are very efficient. I'd say it's the most "productive" mobile platform to work on, but you have to keep in mind that it still has only a few users compared to the "big players" (iOS and Android).

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@jswitch: Very cool app - if you need a tester for the WP8 platform or Windows RT let me know and I'll be glad to help. Also - if you're interested let me know and I'll put a link to the app in the Giant Bomb Metro app and Giant Bomb Windows Phone apps so we get more people on board. Similarly - if you have a protocol handler to link directly to games let me know and I'll add "Open in GameTracker" buttons all over the place in my app.

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@TheFaxman: Hey, I had stumbled upon your Windows Phone app but I didn't know you made one for Windows 8, really great job! Thanks for the proposition, it's really a great idea. Unfortunately I don't have any protocol handlers in place yet, but we could also do the opposite: since I'll focus more on the calendar and news part of my app in the future, and not so much on showing a lot of data for each game, maybe I could link to yours to display more data about the games. Let me know in PM :)

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@jswitch: Oh wow, I saw this app but didn't realise it was from a duder. Will definitely check it out!

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@jswitch: Like the look of it so far, but is there a way to get local store pricing for those not in the US? Or would you think of adding it? Thanks!

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A couple of things:

  • Task: I do not see any attribution to Giant Bomb at all.
  • Bug: The "add to favorites" button will appear on all pages until you view another game.
  • Bug: Does search actually work?
  • Feature: It would be great if search covered all games, not just upcoming.
  • Feature: Filter the "Live Tile" games by console.
  • Feature: Choose region. For pricing and upcoming games.

Great app. Love the live tile.

Additional kudos for setting up an Azure proxy to the Giant Bomb API.

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Just installed it. Pretty nice app! I think it only shows US info though (prices and release dates). Is there anything you can do about that, like add an option in some settings menu?